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The Mission of Cal-Trade Welding School of Modesto is to provide educational career programs which prepare students to succeed in a chosen vocation. At Cal-Trade Welding School a student is provided the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills self-discipline, self-confidence, a professional attitude, and the ability to meet employer expectations.

In order to assist the student in achieving these goals, the institution has established a productive environment consisting of a facility of experienced professionals possessing extensive knowledge, skills, and concern for student achievement and success; and who continually participate in activities to upgrade their knowledge and skill.

At Cal-Trade Welding School our students benefit from hands-on training conducted in professional environment. We provide curriculum devoted to career-related subjects and tasks enabling students to acquire knowledge and skill in course work that relate to their future employment.

Cal-Trade Welding School of Modesto offers classes conducted on an open-entry basis. Students are allowed to progress at their own pace and instruction at welding stations are given on a one-on-one basis. Cal-Trade is proud to offer assistance in the areas of mathematics, the reading of measuring tapes both standard and metric, welding symbols and blueprint reading, welding theory and will even assist students with obtaining their GED if needed by the student. These are not required programs for graduating the welding course, rather they are optional instruction we provide to help our students achieve their goals.

Robert C. Erwin & Father
Owned and administrated by Robert C. Erwin, (pictured above with his father) Cal-Trade Welding School of Modesto provides more than an education, they provide hands-on training and lifetime job placement assistance.